What's in a Name

A name is often the first thing we learn about a new acquaintance. Our name identifies who we are, where we come from and sometimes, even what we believe. In this exploration of identity, Al Jazeera interviewed individuals about their name and meaning. For some, their name represents who they are at different stages of life, and for others, their name is what makes them unique.

What others associate with our names can often shape our identity. Names are always subject to other people's interpretation which is why we decided to commission artist Sandra Dieckmann to illustrate our audio stories. You can find comments from her about her working process with each audio story.

by Joanna S. Kao, Lam Thuy Vo

by Joanna S. Kao

by Dave Mayers for Al Jazeera America

by Sandra Dieckmann for Al Jazeera America

by Lam Thuy Vo, Rhyne Piggott